Possible new hobby: Geocaching

The other day my cousin came over and reintroduced me to geocaching. The first time I only created an account. Unfortunately, it requires a GPS and I just don’t have one of those. Maybe one day. This time he brought his GPS and we looked up a couple geocaches and tried to find them.

For those of you that don’t know what geocaching is, your not entirely alone. From what I understand and have seen people hide little caches all over the US, take the coordinates and then post the the geocache on the internet for others to find. Some of them are puzzles of sorts which makes it a little more difficult. There are tons of other things to it, but I’m a noob to geocaching.

So, on Thursday I found my first ever!!! Due to weather though it was damaged so we weren’t able to sign the log book. The second one escaped us 🙁 It was on private property and made us feel a little uneasy about “snooping” around.

Anyways, its worth taking a look – http://www.geocaching.com/