Novell: A little too late

As I was typing this I thought about the title. It could be taken several different ways, but in this case, its just their timing getting back to me…

So, on my first day of work at my new job, Novell emailed me to offer me a job. This job was with the super lab guys working on their software. It would have been some good experience, but I think I’ll end up being much happier where I am now. Plus Novell has the policy of lay off interns first. Not a place that will attract tons of students. I’m not sure how many from UVSC there were, but there were several.

The word has gone around that Novell isn’t the place to work as an intern. Not that I or other have spread the word or made negative comments towards Novell, but that tons of CS students saw their friends all get laid off at once. Just about the time that they were planning on laying all of us off, they were talking with schools in the area to improve their intern program??? Doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever. It would be different if you aren’t told that in order to get the internship that you have to work through the semester.

Anyways, I’m not bitter or even upset at all. In my case, my boss had to make a really tough, yet easy decision. A decision that I agree with and will ultimately help out the XEN a bunch. This also gave me a chance to move onto a new company that seems really cool and where I could work for a long time.