Linux Fall Release Install Party

I’m at the Linux Distro Release party right now and testing out the new ubuntu 7.10. Don’t worry fellow opensuse users, just because Novell laid me off doesn’t mean I’m going to move to ubuntu. So far we’ve had a great turn out and we’re still installing. We have had everything from opensuse to ubuntu to fedora to mac osx 10.5 to openbsd. That’s what we have had people bring.

So with my attempt to install ubuntu 7.10 on my mac book pro I ended up killing my boot information. For some reason refit didn’t work right (or more likely I didn’t know what I was doing) and now I need to go back and try and fix that. Back to the install fest. Hopefully pictures to follow.

A thanks to Herlo for helping put this together and Open Source Technology Center @ Novell for providing space.