Back @ Novell

Many of you know, but for those that don’t I was hired back on as a full time employee.  Its been about a month since I started as the build guy for the mono-a11y team.  For those that don’t know what a11y is, its accessibility.  The 11 referring to the 11 letters between the letters a and y.  The wiki link belong explains a lot about the mono-a11y stuff, but quickly the stuff we are doing is making all winforms stuff accessibility on Linux.  One of the advantages, I think, is that we are helping out in other a11y project and improving accessibility in general on Linux.  So if you have problems with the mono a11y packages, you know who to complain to. Not a whole lot to say right now, but here are some links.

Mono:Accessibility – This is our main wiki ‘landing’ page

openSUSE:Accessibility – This is the new ‘landing’ page for openSUSE accessibility stuff

mono-a11y packages – For those of you that are feeling brave.  Currently there isn’t the olive package and a small problem with on of the other packages, so give it a day or two for it to be fixed, I hope 🙂