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What is YaSTroid you ask? Its our hackweek project.  Several of the SLED team developers and fellow friends got together including Jared Allen, Scott Reeves, Sandy Armstrong, Mario Carrion, Alan Clark, FunkyPenguin, and myself.  Recently several of us have had an interest in the android platform. So, we decided to take this hackweek and write an android based application that we thought would benefit many of you.

The application we wrote is an android frontend to WebYaST.   The way the application works is that it takes advantage of the RESTful API that is provided by the WebYaST service.

As of right now our application is still fairly simple with some really cool ideas.  Also, as the WebYaST REST interface adds new features we’ll be able to add them to our app as well.

Screenshots you say?  I’m sorry to disappoint, however we do have this awesome video that demos our app instead.  Brought to you by Scott Reeves and Stephen Shaw with a special thanks to our camera man Chris Coray and Novell for hosting the video.

So, here is a flash video and mp4 video.

EDIT: Sorry, here are the links to the source code and an apk if you’d like to test it and give us feedback.