Mono Accessibility 2.1 Released

We just released our first 2.x series update this week.  This release brings a 127 bug fixes.

Over the last several months a fair amount of attention has been paid to improving at-spi2 as well.  For those that don’t know what at-spi2 is its the next generation of Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface.  The new at-spi2 using dbus in an effort to remove corba and bonobo from the gnome stack.

A huge benefit of this work is that kde will be able to use it without pulling in a bunch of gnome dependencies allowing for a clean desktop independent accessibility infrastructure.

Some release details:

  • Improved compatibility with AT-SPI2, including fixes and performance.
  • More compatibility with Silverlight Accessibility for UIA Clients.
  • Caching improvements in UIA Client API.
  • Support for custom providers and client-side providers.

As well as where you can find the packages:

For more details – The UIA Team Blog


My new job @ Vantage Controls

Yesterday was my first day at Vantage Controls. I enjoyed my break from work and the time that I had to work more on my school work. Between family, school, and work there just isn’t a ton of time left over. So its been great catching up. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I started my new job. I’m really excited about this job as I will be able to work on things that interest me a lot.

At vantage controls I will be working on writing device drivers for the various audio/visual equipment so that we can interface with these devices. If you are interested in looking at the controller that I’m working with, here it is. As I learn more about what I’m doing I’ll post about it.