OpenSuSE 11 Alpha 0 Screenshots

Ok.  Sorry it took so long to get these out.  Hopefully it won’t take this long for alpha 1.  I really only have screenshots for the install of the gnome cd since for one reason or another the display stuff wasn’t working very well with vmware.  So, without too much talking here are the screenshots.

The first one is the License Agreement (Proof of version)

Next is the Install Mode. A little change here, but that’s about it.

Nothing really new here, but the Install Settings.

The list of patterns on the gnome CD Software Selection.

In the Expert Partitioner I noticed something different.  I don’t know if I just have never noticed this before it or not, but its pretty cool anyways.

Installing the packages – Package Installation.

I’ve skipped a few screens at this point.  Mainly because it didn’t seem like anything had changed.

Up next are a couple from user authentication.  The various User Auth Method. And since I have a PDC provided by samba 🙂 I decided to try and join the domain during the install. Windows Domain Membership.  This didn’t seem to go over so well.  I’m can’t remember why, but this has worked in the past.  Not usually the option I took other than for curiosity sake.

Now for the proof of my X problems under vmware - VMWare Display Problem.  Maybe better luck next time.

There are a few things that I wish they would change.  The biggest would be a new installer.  I think its more out of “the old one is old and boring now” 🙂

Though there is a section on called Pimp My Installer that has a cool mockup.  So, if you feel like a new install is in order.  Get your ideas on that page.  If their not heard, their useless.


OpenSuSE 10.3 review with an interest Con

On, there is an article with an OpenSuSE 10.3 review.  Out of interest I clicked on the link and started looking at the article.  From the article:

“in the latest 10.3 release, specific support for a Linux/Windows dual-boot setup, enabling both operating systems to be installed on the same PC.”

Unless I missed something, didn’t know we didn’t have specific support for dual-boot setups :)  Good thing it was added it in this release 🙂

Other than that it seems to be a decent simple review.  But the thing that jumped out the most was the listed Con.

Cons It’s not Windows”

Call me crazy, but I list this as a pro 😛


OpenSuSE 11 alpha 0 released!

Not sure what the changes are but I figured I would at least put a link up to the release.  This is probably not a release for most people, but maybe a small insight into what is coming.

Just the gnome and kde cds  for both 32 and 64 archs.

alpha 0

Sorry, there is more, but through torrent.


Last Days at Novell

Well… I finally received notice of my final day. I was one of the many laid off from Novell last Tuesday. What kind of surprised me was that most of the interns, at least all of the interns that I know, were laid off. In a way it doesn’t make sense to lay off all of the cheap labor unless its a head count issue. Luckily, my manager fought to keep another intern and myself until October 31. Hopefully I will be able to find a new job in the meantime. I will miss Novell and testing XEN as well as the people I was able to work with. Even though I won’t be an employee, I’m still part of the community and will continue to contribute to opensuse and most likely XEN (due to hardware limitations). Another change is that I will no longer appear on bugzilla as stshaw, but will be decriptor.


OpenSuSE irc xen channel

As I’m doing more XEN stuff, I just want to post quickly about #opensuse-xen on irc (freenode). We are few in numbers, but would love to see more people in there helping and sharing ideas.


New XEN network script, network-multinet

I started to mention this in my xen networking page and figured since I’ve had a chance to look at the script a little that I’ll blog about it. This is an all-in-one script written by Ron Terry from pronetworkconsulting. The script is called network-multinet. I haven’t looked at his dhcp addition, so I’ll leave that for another post.

First, I’ll show you how to change over to this new script:

Warnings: This is changing and restarts your networking.

1. Download the script from the link above and copy it to:


if you are using opensuse 10.3, then just check the version (in the file)

2. Edit /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp around line 128:

change from

(network-script network-bridge)


(network-script network-multinet)

3. Depending on your distro you might have to add or edit:


4. Now to switch over to the new script:

/etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge stop

/etc/xen/scripts/network-multinet start

5. Check to make sure everything came back up:

/etc/xen/scripts/network-multinet status

and check your VMs.

That should do it. You are now switched over to a much newer and cooler script with more features. One of the things that I really like is the fact that you can now start, stop, restart, and status instead of just start and stop.

Running ‘/etc/xen/scripts/network-multinet status’ gives you a lot of information which is very useful.

I recommend looking around at the other scripts. There are some useful ones around the site.


Post opensuse launch party

Well, the party is over and hope that everyone enjoyed it. There are several that walked away with some cool swag. If I remember right, there were a few blankets, a backpack, stuffed geckos, 5 ipod nanos, a watch, and a digital camera. So a special thanks to Novell for providing the swag, pizza, and food. Also the OSTC (Open Source Technology Center) was nice to let us use their building.

Here are some photos too:



OpenSUSE 10.3 Launch Party

We have a great opensuse 10.3 launch party planned for this Thursday at 18:00 at the provo, UT Novell buildings. Anyone and everyone in the area are welcome to come hang out and enjoy pizza, soda, and installing. We already have a server for network installs, and hopefully some Novell employees to talk about 10.3.

I added a page to for people to list and find other release parties.

OpenSUSE-Community page

OpenSUSE Launch Party Locations

October 4 @ 18:00

1800 Novell Pl, Provo, UT
Building A (Open Source Technology Center)