Back @ Novell

Many of you know, but for those that don’t I was hired back on as a full time employee.  Its been about a month since I started as the build guy for the mono-a11y team.  For those that don’t know what a11y is, its accessibility.  The 11 referring to the 11 letters between the letters a and y.  The wiki link belong explains a lot about the mono-a11y stuff, but quickly the stuff we are doing is making all winforms stuff accessibility on Linux.  One of the advantages, I think, is that we are helping out in other a11y project and improving accessibility in general on Linux.  So if you have problems with the mono a11y packages, you know who to complain to. Not a whole lot to say right now, but here are some links.

Mono:Accessibility – This is our main wiki ‘landing’ page

openSUSE:Accessibility – This is the new ‘landing’ page for openSUSE accessibility stuff

mono-a11y packages – For those of you that are feeling brave.  Currently there isn’t the olive package and a small problem with on of the other packages, so give it a day or two for it to be fixed, I hope 🙂


Utah OpenSUSE User Group Meeting Tonight!

Here are the details (there is also a calendar):

Utah OpenSUSE user group wiki page


Opensuse 11 install in half the time of 10.3

I can’t wait for beta 1 in a few days to try this out, but here are some lose numbers from coolo


OpenSUSE 11 alpha 3 Released

Alpha 3 is out!!!  Time to test this alpha out.  Here are some changes to this release.

  • Linux 2.6.25-rc5
  • gcc 4.3 final
  • updated binutils 2.18.50 SVN
  • updated gdb 6.7.50 SVN
  • continued work on the installation work flow
  • libzypp uses a new much faster solver
  • CUPS 1.3.6
  • D-Bus 1.1.20
  • updated NetworkManager 0.7 SVN
  • PackageKit
  • PolicyKit 0.7
  • PulseAudio 0.9.9  


Ok. Here are the link to isos, deltas, and torrents.

 I have the torrent up, but nothings coming down the pipe yet.  So we’ll have to wait and see about that.


My new opensuse email!!!

My request for an opensuse email account was accepted!!!  I am now the new proud owner of decriptor at opensuse dot org.  That’s not all!  I’m on the opensuse members page 🙂


OpenSuSE 11 Alpha 2 Released

The lastest alpha of openSUSE 11 is out.  Here is the link to the iso images.


A link to the official announcement.


Interview with the new OpenSUSE community manager

Go check it out.  Nothing more to say.


Fixing my Macbook pro’s Sound

I’m running OpenSUSE 10.3 on my macbook pro that I picked up last semester. I had some problems getting my audio working for one reason or another, but finally got it. The easiest way I found was to grab the next release of alsa. By default opensuse 10.3 ships with version 1.0.14. Updating it to alsa 1.0.15 did the trick.

No guarantee that this will work, just that it did for me.

Some Details:

lspci output
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)

82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller

My new current driver:
rpm -qa alsa

Here is the 1-click to add the repo and install the latest alsa.

1 Click alsa

Big Thanks to James Ogley, Now that I have a fish I just need to learn to fish 🙂


OpenSuSE 11 Alpha 1 Screen Shots

Well another alpha release is out and I’m behind on getting my screen shots out.  This time I’m ahead of last time.  There have already been a few articles out there already about this release with plenty of screen shots and will include links to them.  This way you get twice as much.  For those that don’t want to click on the links, I’ve setup a page with all of the screen shots.

To start this off, as many of you probably know already, there is a new looking installer (Though my favorite part comes at the end).  They have combined a few things onto one page which is really nice.  We didn’t need 5 pages to get 5 small details.  Ok…  In this example its 3 items in one, but still.

This is the first screen.  And there you have it, the new looking installer.

Screen 1

Screen 2 and Screen 3

of the installer is checking the hardware and setting up the repositories.  In a way this is nice because it just takes care of it for you.  These moved fast for me.  Note:  I didn’t have an internet connection so I don’t know if the outcome would have changed or not.

Screen 4

The usual, what would you like me to install, upgrade, repair, and addons.

Screen 5 and Screen 6

This is the new  time zone selector.  Its much nicer.  I can now just click on what I want to go to.  So the first one is the whole world and the second is my time zone.

Screen 7  Screen 8  Screen 9  Screen 10

These are the option selection and partitioning pages.  Mostly just to show off the new installer.

Screen 11  Screen 12  Screen 13

Installing packages

Screen 14  Screen 15  Screen 16

Root, Host Name, apply settings pages.  Nothing too exciting here.

Screen 17  Screen 18  Screen 19

Network Settings and Applying them.  Notice in the top left that you can op to skip these settings.  This is a great feature in my option.  Sometime I just don’t want to worry about these settings for right now.  Though this isn’t very often.

Screen 20  Screen 21  Screen 24

Pick your auth type.  I didn’t notice the windows auth this time though.  I am using the gnome install CD, but don’t know if that should change things.  Also adding a user.  Other than the spacing being off a little, nothing really new that I noticed.  Note Screen 24 though, new or not.  I’ve never noticed that it tells you that the caps lock is on before.  Great to have that change.  Sometimes I notice that the texts changes before I realize that I have the caps on.

Screen 22

Release notes, nothing new

Screen 23

It’s Alive.  Or at least grub comes up.  Note that for me the first boot after stage 2 thought my install failed at some point.  I didn’t see the monitor, graphics, and some other hardware configs.  They could be missing.

Now for my favorite part other than the new installer.  This makes my day.  I don’t think anything annoyed me more than the stupid, stupid, unusable, waste of time gtk software selector.  Luckily they have made a big change to it.  THANK YOU!!!

PackageSelector 1

PackageSelector 2

PackageSelector 3

PackageSelector 4

SO MUCH BETTER!  It might now work a 100%, but at least I don’t hate it just by looking at it.

So thank you opensuse and community for another alpha release.  If only I could find time to mess with this!

Some links of interest with alpha 1



Indonesia and Small world

I can honestly say that I would have never guessed that a website in Indonesia would have ever linked to one of my posts.  I have google analytics running on my website and noticed a hugh spike in hits for Indonesia (watch out german, your about to bumped to third if the hits keep coming).  So in an attempt to figure out what was going on I track it back to an OpenSuSE Indonesian website.  I thought this was pretty cool.  I also noticed that on their blogroll list was my friend Scott’s website OpenSuSE Linux Rants.  I’ll have to let him know about this, unless he reads or (Utah Open Source Bloggers).  Anyways, time to head to bed and see if my head is going to fit through the door. 🙂