Interview with the new OpenSUSE community manager

Go check it out.  Nothing more to say.


OpenSuSE 11 Alpha 1 Screen Shots

Well another alpha release is out and I’m behind on getting my screen shots out.  This time I’m ahead of last time.  There have already been a few articles out there already about this release with plenty of screen shots and will include links to them.  This way you get twice as much.  For those that don’t want to click on the links, I’ve setup a page with all of the screen shots.

To start this off, as many of you probably know already, there is a new looking installer (Though my favorite part comes at the end).  They have combined a few things onto one page which is really nice.  We didn’t need 5 pages to get 5 small details.  Ok…  In this example its 3 items in one, but still.

This is the first screen.  And there you have it, the new looking installer.

Screen 1

Screen 2 and Screen 3

of the installer is checking the hardware and setting up the repositories.  In a way this is nice because it just takes care of it for you.  These moved fast for me.  Note:  I didn’t have an internet connection so I don’t know if the outcome would have changed or not.

Screen 4

The usual, what would you like me to install, upgrade, repair, and addons.

Screen 5 and Screen 6

This is the new  time zone selector.  Its much nicer.  I can now just click on what I want to go to.  So the first one is the whole world and the second is my time zone.

Screen 7  Screen 8  Screen 9  Screen 10

These are the option selection and partitioning pages.  Mostly just to show off the new installer.

Screen 11  Screen 12  Screen 13

Installing packages

Screen 14  Screen 15  Screen 16

Root, Host Name, apply settings pages.  Nothing too exciting here.

Screen 17  Screen 18  Screen 19

Network Settings and Applying them.  Notice in the top left that you can op to skip these settings.  This is a great feature in my option.  Sometime I just don’t want to worry about these settings for right now.  Though this isn’t very often.

Screen 20  Screen 21  Screen 24

Pick your auth type.  I didn’t notice the windows auth this time though.  I am using the gnome install CD, but don’t know if that should change things.  Also adding a user.  Other than the spacing being off a little, nothing really new that I noticed.  Note Screen 24 though, new or not.  I’ve never noticed that it tells you that the caps lock is on before.  Great to have that change.  Sometimes I notice that the texts changes before I realize that I have the caps on.

Screen 22

Release notes, nothing new

Screen 23

It’s Alive.  Or at least grub comes up.  Note that for me the first boot after stage 2 thought my install failed at some point.  I didn’t see the monitor, graphics, and some other hardware configs.  They could be missing.

Now for my favorite part other than the new installer.  This makes my day.  I don’t think anything annoyed me more than the stupid, stupid, unusable, waste of time gtk software selector.  Luckily they have made a big change to it.  THANK YOU!!!

PackageSelector 1

PackageSelector 2

PackageSelector 3

PackageSelector 4

SO MUCH BETTER!  It might now work a 100%, but at least I don’t hate it just by looking at it.

So thank you opensuse and community for another alpha release.  If only I could find time to mess with this!

Some links of interest with alpha 1



Open Source Technology Center Conference 07

The OSTC is putting on a conference next week to help out software engineers and developers “seeking new job opportunities, considering new ventures, and open for new ideas in IT.”  A big thanks to Shauna for putting this together.  There are going to be several great presenters at this event.  I was going to name some of the, but figured it would be easier to send you over to the website Home Runs in IT to check out the agenda.

The event is on December 6th, so hurry up and signing on the website. This will also be a great networking event.  So for a low $35, or free for user groups, ex/Novell employees, and local schools this is a great deal!  If you below to one of these groups,

please contact me at sshaw at decriptor dot com

To register, click on the Home Runs in IT link above.


Novell: A little too late

As I was typing this I thought about the title. It could be taken several different ways, but in this case, its just their timing getting back to me…

So, on my first day of work at my new job, Novell emailed me to offer me a job. This job was with the super lab guys working on their software. It would have been some good experience, but I think I’ll end up being much happier where I am now. Plus Novell has the policy of lay off interns first. Not a place that will attract tons of students. I’m not sure how many from UVSC there were, but there were several.

The word has gone around that Novell isn’t the place to work as an intern. Not that I or other have spread the word or made negative comments towards Novell, but that tons of CS students saw their friends all get laid off at once. Just about the time that they were planning on laying all of us off, they were talking with schools in the area to improve their intern program??? Doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever. It would be different if you aren’t told that in order to get the internship that you have to work through the semester.

Anyways, I’m not bitter or even upset at all. In my case, my boss had to make a really tough, yet easy decision. A decision that I agree with and will ultimately help out the XEN a bunch. This also gave me a chance to move onto a new company that seems really cool and where I could work for a long time.


Last Days at Novell

Well… I finally received notice of my final day. I was one of the many laid off from Novell last Tuesday. What kind of surprised me was that most of the interns, at least all of the interns that I know, were laid off. In a way it doesn’t make sense to lay off all of the cheap labor unless its a head count issue. Luckily, my manager fought to keep another intern and myself until October 31. Hopefully I will be able to find a new job in the meantime. I will miss Novell and testing XEN as well as the people I was able to work with. Even though I won’t be an employee, I’m still part of the community and will continue to contribute to opensuse and most likely XEN (due to hardware limitations). Another change is that I will no longer appear on bugzilla as stshaw, but will be decriptor.


XEN networking

This was originally going to be an article on networking in XEN, however I just couldn’t find the time to finish it or work on it. Hopefully there is some useful information there as it stands. Even more hopeful that I might be able to finish it one of these days. Until then, my XEN networking page

Or you can also click on the link on my page.


Post opensuse launch party

Well, the party is over and hope that everyone enjoyed it. There are several that walked away with some cool swag. If I remember right, there were a few blankets, a backpack, stuffed geckos, 5 ipod nanos, a watch, and a digital camera. So a special thanks to Novell for providing the swag, pizza, and food. Also the OSTC (Open Source Technology Center) was nice to let us use their building.

Here are some photos too:



OpenSUSE 10.3 Launch Party

We have a great opensuse 10.3 launch party planned for this Thursday at 18:00 at the provo, UT Novell buildings. Anyone and everyone in the area are welcome to come hang out and enjoy pizza, soda, and installing. We already have a server for network installs, and hopefully some Novell employees to talk about 10.3.

I added a page to for people to list and find other release parties.

OpenSUSE-Community page

OpenSUSE Launch Party Locations

October 4 @ 18:00

1800 Novell Pl, Provo, UT
Building A (Open Source Technology Center)


Novell Owns Unix

In a ruling today, Novell is the official owner of Unix!

Click to access Novell-377.pdf


Novell’s Paravirtualized Driver pack

This is something that I was able to help test for a little bit. The idea behind these drivers is to make certain devices in a fully virtualized guest “xen aware”. Since the heaviest used parts of a hosted operating system are networking and disk access, they focused on improving them. For right now the supported operating systems are RHEL 4 and 5, and windows 2000, 2003, and XP. Without sounding like a sales person, I thought this was a really cool idea. Those that have run fully virtualized guests, you can understand why this would be welcome. Anyways, here is a link that you can read.

Novell Ships SLE 10 SP 1 and New VMDP