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  • Mono Accessibility 2.1 Released

    We just released our first 2.x series update this week.  This release brings a 127 bug fixes. Over the last several months a fair amount of attention has been paid to improving at-spi2 as well.  For those that don’t know what at-spi2 is its the next generation of Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface.  The new […]

  • YaSTroid

    What is YaSTroid you ask? Its our hackweek project.  Several of the SLED team developers and fellow friends got together including Jared Allen, Scott Reeves, Sandy Armstrong, Mario Carrion, Alan Clark, FunkyPenguin, and myself.  Recently several of us have had an interest in the android platform. So, we decided to take this hackweek and write […]

  • openSUSE 11.2 release party

    Just a quick post letting everyone know that there is a release party here in Provo, Utah. The Open Source Technology Center, building A on the Novell campus, has been good enough to host us again.  It will be this Thursday, November 12 from 6 to 9. I do not have the replicated DVDs, but […]

  • SUSE Studio Launch!

    Its not every day something this cool is announced and released: SUSE Studio is finally ready to go live.  For those of you that don’t know what SUSE Studio is, it is a web based appliance builder.  It allows you to take either Novell’s SLE11 (Enterprise Server or Desktop) or openSUSE 11.1 as your base […]

  • Basic iFolder howto… finally!!!

    As promised, I have finally created a quick howto for setting up iFolder.  This is a really simple get your feet wet instruction set.  It runs through the basics and includes SSL, but doesn’t show you how to set up LDAP of any kind.  Someone else is going to help out with that howto.  This […]

  • iFolder Appliance 0.0.9

    Release of iFolder Appliance 0.0.9

  • openSUSE Factory is open for Community

    Some great news was just announced!  The openSUSE project opened its Factory repo up to anyone in the community that would like to directly help maintain, support, and/or contribute to the core distribution.  For those that don’t know what Factory is it is the next release of openSUSE.  So, the current Factory will become openSUSE […]

  • iFolder appliance 0.0.8

    Well, the packages finally built and I was finally able  to build a new appliance.  So, the changes: I’ve added the iscsi packages to the images.  This includes the yast packages making it really easy to add external storage through iscsi. Updated mono core to be 2.4.2 preview 1. Updated ifolder packages which made our […]

  • Kernel presentation by Greg Kroah Hartman

    One of the guys that I work with sent me this link.  Its a really good presentation that GKH gave at Google Tech Talks.  For those that don’t know who GKH is, he is a Novell employee that started the Linux Driver Project.  There were some really cool stats about the kernel and its development […]

  • OpenSuSE 11 Alpha 2 Released

    The lastest alpha of openSUSE 11 is out.  Here is the link to the iso images. Updated: A link to the official announcement.