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  • iFolder appliance updates

    Yes, its been forever and then some since I’ve messed with this stuff.  I’m finally trying to make sure that I get some work done on this.  The first item of business is the new iFolder appliance project page being hosted on google code.  This is where I’d like to post updates, release notes, progress, […]

  • Basic iFolder howto… finally!!!

    As promised, I have finally created a quick howto for setting up iFolder.  This is a really simple get your feet wet instruction set.  It runs through the basics and includes SSL, but doesn’t show you how to set up LDAP of any kind.  Someone else is going to help out with that howto.  This […]

  • iFolder Appliance 0.0.9

    Release of iFolder Appliance 0.0.9

  • iFolder server on XEN

    ok, since I got the request here is the xen image (32 bit only).  I’ll apologize now for the fact that I don’t currently have a way to test this image, so please let me know if it works.  It actually has newer packages than the other images. I’ll try to get this all in […]

  • Sneak peek – new iFolder UI

    This is just a short blog entry to show off a quick sneak peek at the new iFolder UI if you haven’t been brave enough to install the new packages.

  • iFolder appliance 0.0.8

    Well, the packages finally built and I was finally able  to build a new appliance.  So, the changes: I’ve added the iscsi packages to the images.  This includes the yast packages making it really easy to add external storage through iscsi. Updated mono core to be 2.4.2 preview 1. Updated ifolder packages which made our […]

  • iFolder on openSUSE 11.1

    Just recently my work team took a week off for Innovation Time Off (ITO).  Our team split up into 3 groups to work on various non work related open source projects.  As you can tell the project that I choose to work on was iFolder.  As some might know it went through a period of […]