What’s a monopoly again?

So apparently its only a monolopy at 90% share if its against Microsoft according Brad Smith one of Microsof’t’s top lawyer (according to the article)  So Microsoft is all up in arms that it isn’t fair that Google and Yahoo can have a deal that would supposedly give them 90% market share.

This leaves me wondering.  So, typically people claim well Microsoft it the better product why else would they have ~90% market share.  References you ask…  Well you’re in luck.

(Some dates are old)

Wikipedia ~90%

WindowsITPro  ~93% ~97.5%

Market Share by Net Applicatoins ~91%

Yes I know this isn’t the greatest list or maybe even a good list, but well you get the idea.  If you have better links or to the contri then post them in a comment.


Open Source at Google Blog

I just found this on google’s blog.  Its a new blog that is dedicated to sharing about open source happenings at Google.


Improving your list filters in gmail

For the longest time I had problems with everything being included in my opensuse label. Since its a heavy lists at times, I lose email every once in a while. Well that will change. With their new, filter messages like this, I found out about ‘listid:’.

The way to implement this is to select some emails from a list and use that option in the top right drop down in the email or to create a filter in the settings option. If you choice to set it up in the filter window, add text like this: listid:opensuse. Replacing the list name obviously. You want to place it in the ‘Has the words’ box. Make sure you test it first though.

This might not work well with mailing lists on the same domain. Doesn’t seem to be working out very well