Monkey Space 2012 Is Over

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to attend the MonkeySpace conference.

For all of you that missed it, I highly recommend planning on attending it next year.  If you did miss it, this year is not completely lost as the awesome folks over at Monkey Square are planning on making the videos of the sessions available at some future date.

I had a great time meeting some awesome people and attending some great sessions.  There are several really exciting technologies out there that are worth following discussed at the conference.

Here is a bit of a recap of some of the sessions that I attended.

First, The top secret keynote that Miguel De Icaza delivered.  The major topic was the release of Mono 3.0 and the future of the ecosystem.  Some of the really cool features of Mono 3.0 is full c# 5.0, System.Net.Http, TPL DataFlow, Code Contracts, entity framework, razor, mvc 4, F# 3.0, and 64bit support on OS X.  The 3.0 release is very exciting not to mention lots of ‘lameness’ will be going away with the new async stuff.  There are also improvements to sgen the new garbage collection system in Mono that should help improve performance.  Mono is seeing a lot of success in the gaming side of the market as well.  Some other areas that will receive focus are code analysis, bug finding, and profiling tools.  In the next year Xamarin expects to deliver new MonoTouch and Mono for Android versions based on 3.0.  Very exciting stuff!!!

Second, ServiceStack.  This was a very full session and I was lucky to find a spot to stand in at the back of the room.  Sadly this meant that I missed parts of this presentation, but definitely plan to look more seriously into it once I get the chance as a replacement for wcf.  Hopefully the video comes out sooner than later for this one!

Third, GitHub.  Phil Haack did a great job presenting on GitHub and the awesomeness that it is.  I had seen some of it before, but really like seeing the command line style interface that is built into the web interface in action.  He also did a demo of the API that is available and there were some really cool things in there.  I’m very interested in the possibility to integrate pull requests into some Continuous Integration system.  It would be cool to know right away if the pull request would break the build or not.

Fourth, Vernacular.  Aaron Bockover, now a Xamarin employee, was great enough to post his slides here.  If you are working on a project that is targeting multiple platforms and need it to support multiple locales then this is definitely a project you need to check out.  Very promising!

Fifth, Mobile Development with C#(book).  Greg Shackles is definitely someone to follow and watch in this market segment.  He has been doing some great work including writing a book about it.  If you are considering writing a mobile app that is targeting multiple platforms I definitely recommend picking up this book.

Sixth, Effective MonoDevelop.  Michael Hutchinson is an awesome developer that has contributed a great deal to the MonoDevelop project.  His blog has some great tips that makes using MonoDevelop even better.  It is definitely worth the read.


Apart from all of the sessions there was plenty of time to hang out with some rockstars in the Mono community.  It is always great to chat with them in person and get feedback on questions and problems.  I am definitely looking forward to next year’s conference!  Keep up the great work!



Heading to MonkeySpace


MonkeySpace, formerly known as Monospace, is the official cross platform and open-source .NET conference. Want to learn more about developing for the iPhone, Android, Mac, and *nix platforms using .NET technologies? How about developing games or learning more about open-source projects using .NET technologies? MonkeySpace has provided an annual venue to collaborate, share, and socialize around these topics and more.



I’m really exciting to see all the new stuff that is going on in the mono world. Looks like they have some awesome presentations and presenters lined up for this conference. If you have some time and going to be in the area you’d be foolish to not attend.

Of course, big thanks to the awesome sponsors and not to be forgotten the organizers!

Also, pay attention to Open Space on the last day from 13:45 – 17:15. Come and help contribute to open source projects! I’ll be there working on f-spot.


Off to Linux World Expo

I’m sitting in the airport waiting to head out to San Francisco.  Starting tomorrow as many know is Linux World Expo.  I’m really excited and can’t wait.  I’m going so that I can help with the opensuse booth.  This year there is an openSUSE community day.  If you go to that link there is a list of the events.  They have some really good presenters that will cover some really cool topics.  So, if you are passing though make sure that you stop by the openSUSE community day.  I can’t wait!

From what I understand there are some really good booths to stop by as well,  One of them is Linux Journal.  I’ve been working with them to get our conference in their magazine and the person that I was talking to said there will be some sort of really cool secret swag this year.

If you are going to be there, I’ll see you then.


Show me the Speakers!!!

It has finally arrived! The list of approved speakers (though it might not be final and more might be added).  For those of you out there waiting to see if it is worth paying for admission to the Utah Open Source Conference, the wait is over.  Not that this should have ever been questioned.  If you see your name and wonder why you haven’t received a notice yet, its on its way.  Congrats to all the presenters.  See you all then!


Utah Open Source Conference interview

One of the major projects that I have been working on for the last year or so has been the Utah Open Source Foundation and their annual conference.  I’m incharge of sponsorships and marketing, so if you are interested in sponsoring or helping us market the conference better… Please let me know!

Yesterday Jayce, one of the guys in our group, was interviewed on  It was really good, so if you missed it you are lucky they have a stream up that you can listen too.  Plus, I think there is a discount code that was announced there.

A direct link to the article and stream: Utah Open Source Conference Preview – Jayce Hall of UTOS – Jul 07, 2008


OSTC Conference Kicked Off

I’m sitting in the Open Source Technology Center  at the kick off of the Home Runs in IT conference.  The turn out  has been excellent.  The main conference room is full!  For right now we have the “Got Game? – What fuels the fire of an entrepreneur”.  Go check out for the agenda and see what else is happening.  So far there has been some great comments.  Its never too late to head on over.


Open Source Technology Center Conference 07

The OSTC is putting on a conference next week to help out software engineers and developers “seeking new job opportunities, considering new ventures, and open for new ideas in IT.”  A big thanks to Shauna for putting this together.  There are going to be several great presenters at this event.  I was going to name some of the, but figured it would be easier to send you over to the website Home Runs in IT to check out the agenda.

The event is on December 6th, so hurry up and signing on the website. This will also be a great networking event.  So for a low $35, or free for user groups, ex/Novell employees, and local schools this is a great deal!  If you below to one of these groups,

please contact me at sshaw at decriptor dot com

To register, click on the Home Runs in IT link above.