A huge thanks to the community!

As many of you know and have generously donated, Bryen was robbed while traveling through Spain recently. We have now closed the pledge as we exceeded our goal. I have now transfered all of the funds to Bryen and he is planning on donating the rest to the GNOME A11y cause. Something that is close to him.

So, a huge thanks to all.


Someone in need

Many of you that follow my blog probably know Bryen, also known by suseROCKS.  He is someone that has dedicated a significant amount of his time and effort throughout his life to spread awareness about accessibility.  This month he is traveling in Europe to help further this effort.  Unfortunately, while he was in Spain he was robbed.  There are several of us that have thought about trying to raise some money to replace these items.

So, if you’d like to join us and show your appreciation for all that Bryen has done we ask that you donate what you can at this link:

Click here to lend your support to: Replace Bryen


Mono Accessibility 2.1 Released

We just released our first 2.x series update this week.  This release brings a 127 bug fixes.

Over the last several months a fair amount of attention has been paid to improving at-spi2 as well.  For those that don’t know what at-spi2 is its the next generation of Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface.  The new at-spi2 using dbus in an effort to remove corba and bonobo from the gnome stack.

A huge benefit of this work is that kde will be able to use it without pulling in a bunch of gnome dependencies allowing for a clean desktop independent accessibility infrastructure.

Some release details:

  • Improved compatibility with AT-SPI2, including fixes and performance.
  • More compatibility with Silverlight Accessibility for UIA Clients.
  • Caching improvements in UIA Client API.
  • Support for custom providers and client-side providers.

As well as where you can find the packages:

For more details – The UIA Team Blog


The new Mono UIA Status page

We just added a new site to our server.  Our new site is very similar to the Mono team’s status pages.  In fact its running the same software!  The link you ask? Well, here it is the Mono UIA team’s status pages.  This allows you to see the Mono UIA team’s progress with respect to porting the assemblies over to Linux.

We are currently working on fixing bugs, adding support for moonlight 2, and building out the client side.  So, if your company writes software that takes advantage of UIA we’d love to hear from you!


New Mono UIA repos

For those that haven’t heard I’ve been working at Novell on a11y (accessibility). The area that I focus on is the build stuff. We finally have 3 major projects in OBS: Mono:UIA, Mono:UIA:Preview, and Mono:UIA:Bleeding. Mono:UIA is for our currently released version and is updated every release.  Mono:UIA:Preview is currently tracking trunk until we branch for 1.0 and is updated every Friday.  Mono:UIA:Bleeding is tracking trunk and is updated every night at 5 MST.

So, if you are interested in testing  out our code here are some 1-clicks:

Mono:UIA – openSUSE 11.0

Mono:UIA – openSUSE 11.1

Mono:UIA:Preview – openSUSE 11.0

Mono:UIA:Preview – openSUSE 11.1

Mono:UIA:Bleeding – openSUSE 11.0

Mono:UIA:Bleeding – openSUSE 11.1


Back @ Novell

Many of you know, but for those that don’t I was hired back on as a full time employee.  Its been about a month since I started as the build guy for the mono-a11y team.  For those that don’t know what a11y is, its accessibility.  The 11 referring to the 11 letters between the letters a and y.  The wiki link belong explains a lot about the mono-a11y stuff, but quickly the stuff we are doing is making all winforms stuff accessibility on Linux.  One of the advantages, I think, is that we are helping out in other a11y project and improving accessibility in general on Linux.  So if you have problems with the mono a11y packages, you know who to complain to. Not a whole lot to say right now, but here are some links.

Mono:Accessibility – This is our main wiki ‘landing’ page

openSUSE:Accessibility – This is the new ‘landing’ page for openSUSE accessibility stuff

mono-a11y packages – For those of you that are feeling brave.  Currently there isn’t the olive package and a small problem with on of the other packages, so give it a day or two for it to be fixed, I hope 🙂