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  • Utah Open Source Conference 200+

    The Utah Open Source Conference has over 200 registered attendees.  This is great news!!!  Hope to see everyone there.  There is going to be tons of great presentations and tons of great swag. If you haven’t registered, well, then what are you waiting for!!! Congrats to Clint on putting this all together and thanks to […]

  • Open Source as Alternative

    I stumbled across this site and thought it was worth sharing.  I was looking for photoshop alternatives and run into it.  So, simply here is a link:

  • Novell Owns Unix

    In a ruling today, Novell is the official owner of Unix! Click to access Novell-377.pdf

  • openSUSE new news site

    OpenSUSE just announced the other day their new news site Its nice to see that a news site was created. The only one up til now seems to have been, which I still enjoy visiting.

  • Utah Open Source Conference

    I just wanted to introduce Utah Open Source on my blog. This is an amazing project that has been founder, started, created, etc. by Clint Savage. Its great to see it move forward and grow. So a thanks to Clint and the others that have and are working on this. For those of you that […]

  • Novell’s Paravirtualized Driver pack

    This is something that I was able to help test for a little bit. The idea behind these drivers is to make certain devices in a fully virtualized guest “xen aware”. Since the heaviest used parts of a hosted operating system are networking and disk access, they focused on improving them. For right now the […]

  • Jeff Jaffe’s Thoughts on Hack Week

    I just read Jeff Jaffe’s thoughts on hack week. For those of you that don’t know who Jeff is, he is the CTO of Novell. He offers some insight into “What is it, why did we do it, what was the reason for the timing, and what did we learn?” on his blog. Jeff Jaffe’s […]

  • Hackweek at Novell,

    This is a really cool idea that Nat came up with. The idea is that all the Linux engineers in the company stop what they are doing for a week and get to work on whatever they want. Kind of like a google thing but for a whole week. Unfortunately, there a some big things […]

  • Enterprise Network Configuration

    Your enterprise network is large and complex, and probably relies on numerous connected endpoints. This requires you to design your own DNS server or a custom DNS server implementation. You also need to set up your own DHCP server (if you plan to run many nodes on the same LAN), and you probably need to […]

  • Possible new hobby: Geocaching

    The other day my cousin came over and reintroduced me to geocaching. The first time I only created an account. Unfortunately, it requires a GPS and I just don’t have one of those. Maybe one day. This time he brought his GPS and we looked up a couple geocaches and tried to find them. For […]