Author: sshaw

  • Strengths Finder 2.0

    I was at an Agile Roundtable not too long ago and someone was talking up Strengths Finder 2.0, so I decided to pick up the book off of Amazon:     The book has a short introduction, which is a quick read, details about the strengths, and a code to take the test on their […]

  • A good 3 part tutorial on “Making Apps Beautiful”

    I recently came across an article on Android Central that talks about 3 short videos with tips to update and improve the look of your android app. Here are the 3 videos:

  • Monkey Space 2012 Is Over

    A few weeks back I had the opportunity to attend the MonkeySpace conference. For all of you that missed it, I highly recommend planning on attending it next year.  If you did miss it, this year is not completely lost as the awesome folks over at Monkey Square are planning on making the videos of the sessions available […]

  • F-Spot and its new home

    As some of you might have noticed I’ve created a repo on GitHub for F-Spot under the mono umbrella – F-Spot on GitHub! I have left the repository on and will try to sync up changes in master regularly. I’d like to thank the awesome GNOME project for hosting F-Spot and want to be clear that I […]

  • Heading to MonkeySpace

    MONKEYSPACE 2012 MonkeySpace, formerly known as Monospace, is the official cross platform and open-source .NET conference. Want to learn more about developing for the iPhone, Android, Mac, and *nix platforms using .NET technologies? How about developing games or learning more about open-source projects using .NET technologies? MonkeySpace has provided an annual venue to collaborate, share, […]

  • GNOME & Mono Festival of Love 2012

    I get to hang out with several awesome developers this week in Boston to work on f-spot and other GNOME and Mono related projects.  It will be great to meet many in person and help improve these awesome apps.  GNOME & Mono Festival of Love 2012 Also, a huge thanks to the GNOME Foundation for […]

  • openSUSE 11.4 Release Party

    We are planning a community release party this coming Thursday, March 17, 2011 to celebrate the 11.4 release.  We are planning on having some media and usb thumb drives for anyone that would like to install 11.4. This time we are changing the location a little.  We are still having the party on Novell’s Provo […]

  • A huge thanks to the community!

    As many of you know and have generously donated, Bryen was robbed while traveling through Spain recently. We have now closed the pledge as we exceeded our goal. I have now transfered all of the funds to Bryen and he is planning on donating the rest to the GNOME A11y cause. Something that is close […]

  • Someone in need

    Many of you that follow my blog probably know Bryen, also known by suseROCKS.  He is someone that has dedicated a significant amount of his time and effort throughout his life to spread awareness about accessibility.  This month he is traveling in Europe to help further this effort.  Unfortunately, while he was in Spain he […]

  • FireBreath 1.2 released

    This is an open source project that one of my friends at school started.  Here is a quick description of the project. FireBreath aims to be a cross-platform plugin architecture, targeting: NPAPI browsers on windows, mac, and linux: Gecko/Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari ActiveX Control hosts: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 FireBreath is […]