SUSE Studio Launch!

Its not every day something this cool is announced and released: SUSE Studio is finally ready to go live.  For those of you that don’t know what SUSE Studio is, it is a web based appliance builder.  It allows you to take either Novell’s SLE11 (Enterprise Server or Desktop) or openSUSE 11.1 as your base OS and customize it however you want.  With any image base, one could completely build a custom appliance from the bootsplash to software to the last character in a file.

This will enable communities and companies alike to deliver an image with their software already installed, provide a demo, or use it however they want using various formats.  Some of the current formats are disk image, live cd/dvd, vmware, and xen with more to come. (Both 32 and 64 supported)

A couple of the really cool features that I really like are the ability to add custom repositories, add mysql and upload my db, add custom files, the suse studio API, and maybe one of the coolest is test drive.  What test drive allows you to do is test your appliance in the web browser without having to download it first!  You can even customize files in test drive and save those changes out for the next time you build your appliance.

There are just too many cool options and features that I can’t do it justice and therefore I will give out invites to those, until I run out, that comment on this blog post!  Remember to leave your email or I can’t seem you an invite.

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  1. Not sure what happened, my account for seems to be gone, and I can’t request an invite at the site because, of course, I already requested one (and received one) back in 2008.

    I wonder if it will work if you send me an invite?

  2. That seems to have worked. Thanks a bunch. Been looking forward to using this tool that everyone has been bragging about.

  3. @Daryl I’ve absolutely loved using it and the guy behind it are awesome at answering questions in the irc channel. #susestudio

  4. This is way beyond cool !!! This is what i’ve been dreaming to do since i first know linux, glad to have a big company like novell doing this.

    please send me an invitation at

  5. This is really terrific news. I am dying to get my hands on this thing. Is there anyway I can mooch an invite off someone?

  6. hey I just got one from the suse studio team. sshaw if you had any thing to do with it thank you. I not, then thanks for the offer anyway.

  7. Hello if you have any invitation left please send it to martinfg777(at)yahoo(dot)com Thank you so much!!

  8. Hello,

    I have been wanting to do an installation with ‘just’ the components that my PC requires. Wonder if Suse Studio can do it for me. An invite would be nice to try this out.

    Cheers…RC 🙂

  9. Hey, would someone mind sending me an invite? I signed up with them for an invite at least 2 months ago… Still waiting… If someone doesn’t mind, it is greatly appreciated! My email is


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