iFolder server on XEN

ok, since I got the request here is the xen image (32 bit only).  I’ll apologize now for the fact that I don’t currently have a way to test this image, so please let me know if it works.  It actually has newer packages than the other images. I’ll try to get this all in sync sooner than later.

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Has anyone tried this yet?
Im running a xen server at home and was able to make the image boot up into grub, but when choosing the default boot entry i get this error ->

Using a raw image is new to me, so it might be something really easy to fix, although i dont know if the config is setup the right way for the virtual machine since i always use the gui to install machines.

I just tried this image on a 64-bit SLES 11 XEN host, and I successfully booted the VM. I made the following changes to the .xenconfig file however:

1. Add the path information to the disk:
disk=[ “tap:aio:iFolder_XEN_Server.i686-0.0.8.raw,xvda,w” ] became
disk=[ “tap:aio:/tmp/iFolder_XEN_Server-0.0.8/iFolder_XEN_Server.i686-0.0.8.raw,xvda,w” ]
2. Modify the vif line to specify the correct bridge:
vif=[ “bridge=xenbr0” ] became
vif=[ “bridge=br0” ]

After that, I ran “xm create -c iFolder_XEN_Server.i686-0.0.8.xenconfig”, and the VM booted successfully.

Seems like i would be able to fire it up, but i stucks on the bridge interface since i use bridges from the /etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge script i can define a interface i the xenconfig attached to the vm.

Ive been looking at my vm configs and the one attached in your image, and they dont seem to be handling arguments the same, so im stuck with getting the bridge interface up since xen cant find it, heres and example ->

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