iFolder appliance 0.0.8

Well, the packages finally built and I was finally able  to build a new appliance.  So, the changes:

I’ve added the iscsi packages to the images.  This includes the yast packages making it really easy to add external storage through iscsi.

Updated mono core to be 2.4.2 preview 1.

Updated ifolder packages which made our patches obsolete and closer to just working with the next version of mono (2.4.2).  I’m not sure what all of the updates were to be honest.

I’ve also generated more formats of images and archs (huge thanks to Nat on the suse studio team)

As a disclaimer I haven’t really tested these much more than the default setup, my scripts in /root/iFolder, and logging in.  Please let me know if there is anything you want to see changed, added, or fixed!

So, without further delay here is the list of images.  I did exclude the xen image, but if you would like it please just drop me a comment or email.

32 bit:

vmware (works in VirtualBox just fine)

disk image

Live image – Let me know how this works out if you try it 😉

64 bit:

vmware (works in VirtualBox just fine)

disk image

Live image – same deal as the 32bit live 😉

30 responses to “iFolder appliance 0.0.8”

  1. So.. I got the images running, and ran the scripts, but couldn’t login 😀

    Any small docs on how to give it a whirl?

    • what url are you using to login? It should be https://ipaddressofeth0/admin (you do have to add an exception for the cert though). Unless you changed it the user name should be admin and the password novell.

      I’m hoping to make a turn by turn howto today or tomorrow. Let me know if this works or not.

  2. I must be retarded.. I cant login to the love cd.. I thought it was root root.. lol let me look on the cd..

  3. I did log in as root/ifolder.. this is really cool.. so, how could i port this over to my opensuse 11.1 box with your sh scripts?

    thanks man! I really like this.. makes it so much eaiser!

  4. hmm, i ran the disk image but i cannot log in to the admin page either.. I must be doin somethin wrong.

  5. im not thinking straight obvsiouly.. i can mount my drives and copy your ifolder folder over .. lol

  6. The image is already 11.1. If you just need the rpms, you can check my previous posts for just tho repos. I’ll fire up the disk image and try to see what’s going on. I’ll see if I can post a turn by turn instruction set.

  7. hmm, i cannot login at all to the admin page with these live cds and I do not understand why..it installs all the certs and everything?? im usin default u/p??

  8. i do get a warning that module rewrite_module is already loaded and it skips? does that need to rewrite the config?

  9. I would love the xen image if possible. I have been hoping to try this out but haven’t had a machine to run it on or the time to work out my own xen image.

  10. @Craig I’ll try and generate the xen image for you. Sadly no promises as to whether it will work as I don’t have a XEN machine handle right now. It will be more like though. You will have newer software than the other images. I’ll blog about it, so stay tuned.

  11. Got version 0.0.8 working on first try. Figured out that I was not bridging the network properly (using host machines OS bridging option instead of VM’s bridging feature). When I login with admin/ifolder, i can create users, etc. but I’m getting an error: exception and “name resolution failure” in the system tab. Additionally, the server status is showing as “offline”. Any ideas about what I may be leaving out now. Thanks for your efforts sshaw!


  12. Got version 0.0.7 working ok. Trying to get version 0.0.8 working. An FYI, the login for 0.0.8 is root, ifolder.
    I ran the BuildiFolder.sh and got an error with the apache configuration ” unable to find the user move plugin configuration files ” make sure that ” ifolder-enterprise-plugins.rpm is installed ”

    When creating a user it complains about the move user modules.

    Any ideas what is going on?

    thanks for putting this together I was stuck getting ifolder working on SUSE until I found your work, It is a real help


  13. Hey,

    I’m getting a NameResolution error when attempting to turn off sharing for user or navigate through certain buttons in the server UI Anyone know what this could be. I am sooo close to getting this working?

    • @John which version of the appliance are you using. I noticed that you commented on the 0.0.8 thread. The latest version is 0.0.9. I’m probably going to be rolling a new version in the not to distant future.

  14. Hey there,

    Trying to get this running, but no luck.
    First I had trouble deploying it to vSphere, because of the disk format (sparse), but I was able to work around it by futzing in a temporary VMWare Server 2 installation (add a second disk, fully provisioned, boot with a partition cloner, clone the main to the second disk, get rid of the main disk, then it imported fine into vSphere).

    I have tried running it directly, but I get an SSL error in Firefox. Am I supposed to start the apache2 daemon?

    Then I tried installing all the updates, and it suggested running the Simias configuration, so I did.
    Now I’m getting:
    Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long
    on my browser when I open

    Any ideas?

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