Month: August 2008

  • Cool Article about command line history tricks

    I thought this article was really cool.  History is no longer something I simply grep 🙂 Here is the article: 15 Examples To Master Linux Command Line History

  • Kernel presentation by Greg Kroah Hartman

    One of the guys that I work with sent me this link.  Its a really good presentation that GKH gave at Google Tech Talks.  For those that don’t know who GKH is, he is a Novell employee that started the Linux Driver Project.  There were some really cool stats about the kernel and its development […]

  • Top 4 Alternatives to Ubuntu Linux

    Came across this article from Matt Hartley.  He gives openSUSE a very positive review.  Go check it out.

  • Off to Linux World Expo

    I’m sitting in the airport waiting to head out to San Francisco.  Starting tomorrow as many know is Linux World Expo.  I’m really excited and can’t wait.  I’m going so that I can help with the opensuse booth.  This year there is an openSUSE community day.  If you go to that link there is a […]