PC World, Linux examined by the ‘informed’

Well I’d talk about the article, but well you are just going to have to read it.  Just a quick gem though from the article:

The big question is: Given that Red Hat bases its Fedora distribution on OpenSUSE, and that Fedora and OpenSUSE are both distributions with advanced features intended for power users, why would you pick one over the other?

openSUSE Examined

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I believe the article author is confused on this point. Fedora and OpenSuSE share a lot of common code, and each project has developers contributing to the whole of Open Source and Free Software which the other then incorporates, it’s quite a stretch to say that Fedora is “based on” OpenSuSE.

I realize that, I was just pointing it out as a flaw and lack of investigating the subject before writing about it. So uninformed information. It makes me start to wonder about the rest of it.

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