Utah OpenSUSE User Group Meeting tonight (June 3rd)

This time we are going to look at RC1 as it was just release last week, and in general just discuss opensuse stuff.  Applebees provides free wireless and there are outlets so, bring your laptops.  I’ll hopefully have some RC1 images if anyone needs a disk.

Here are the details (there is also a calendar):

Utah OpenSUSE user group wiki page

Just a quick note 7pm at applebees off 123rd exit (map/detail on the link above)


  1. Take a hard look at KDE 4 as it is not even ready to be released in 11.0. It crashes and has numerous problems. I have been testing 11.0 since out the gate and until the KDE crew improve this we should not port 11.0 to KDE 4. Their changing the file manager was a very bad mistake but I guess their trying to make it look like Vista might have been appealing trying to attract new Window users.

  2. I can’t say much about kde 4 since I haven’t really run it. I’ve only really been using gnome so far. I guess that’s why they still include kde 3 as an install option on the DVD.

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