Just a quick post letting everyone know that there is a release party here in Provo, Utah. The link with details is here. We don’t have a sponsor for pizza […]

Gimp 2.6 for openSUSE 11.0

I just finished packaging gimp 2.6 for openSUSE 11.0 last night and figured I’d share it with the rest of you. Sorry, I couldn’t find the 1 click logo stuff […]

I’m sitting in the airport waiting to head out to San Francisco.  Starting tomorrow as many know is Linux World Expo.  I’m really excited and can’t wait.  I’m going so […]

It has finally arrived! The list of approved speakers (though it might not be final and more might be added).  For those of you out there waiting to see if […]

So apparently its only a monolopy at 90% share if its against Microsoft according Brad Smith one of Microsof’t’s top lawyer (according to the article)  So Microsoft is all up […]