Month: November 2007

  • Open Source Technology Center Conference 07

    The OSTC is putting on a conference next week to help out software engineers and developers “seeking new job opportunities, considering new ventures, and open for new ideas in IT.”  A big thanks to Shauna for putting this together.  There are going to be several great presenters at this event.  I was going to name […]

  • Novell: A little too late

    As I was typing this I thought about the title. It could be taken several different ways, but in this case, its just their timing getting back to me… So, on my first day of work at my new job, Novell emailed me to offer me a job. This job was with the super lab […]

  • So much for getting Ahead

    I just found out that UEN (Utah Education Network) was doing an update or some maintenance. The end result was the lose of all my work. :/ For one reason or another they had to roll back to last Tuesday’s data. This just isn’t a good thing for the end of the semester. This means […]

  • My new job @ Vantage Controls

    Yesterday was my first day at Vantage Controls. I enjoyed my break from work and the time that I had to work more on my school work. Between family, school, and work there just isn’t a ton of time left over. So its been great catching up. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I […]

  • Linux Fall Release Install Party

    I’m at the Linux Distro Release party right now and testing out the new ubuntu 7.10. Don’t worry fellow opensuse users, just because Novell laid me off doesn’t mean I’m going to move to ubuntu. So far we’ve had a great turn out and we’re still installing. We have had everything from opensuse to ubuntu […]

  • Smokin’ Buds

    Today I finally bought some new head phones.  This is probably the first pair in maybe 10 years.  The thing that probably pushed me into buying a pair was school.  There are some that feel it necessary to be loud and share their conversation with everyone.  The pair that I bought were made by skull candy and […]