So the other day I got home really late and as I was backing up into my parking spot I noticed something a little off about my other car.  Instead […]

Not sure what the changes are but I figured I would at least put a link up to the release.  This is probably not a release for most people, but […]

I’m sitting in the Open Source Technology Center  at the kick off of the Home Runs in IT conference.  The turn out  has been excellent.  The main conference room is […]

As I was typing this I thought about the title. It could be taken several different ways, but in this case, its just their timing getting back to me… So, […]

I just found out that UEN (Utah Education Network) was doing an update or some maintenance. The end result was the lose of all my work. :/ For one reason […]

Yesterday was my first day at Vantage Controls. I enjoyed my break from work and the time that I had to work more on my school work. Between family, school, […]

I’m at the Linux Distro Release party right now and testing out the new ubuntu 7.10. Don’t worry fellow opensuse users, just because Novell laid me off doesn’t mean I’m […]